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MTDS News April 2008   

Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society 

Established April 5, 1958

The 48th annual daffodil show was held at Cheekwood March 29th and 30th. Despite the late spring in Middle Tennessee, we had a fair amount of blooms of very nice quality. Thank you to the volunteers and exhibitors for a great show!

Set-up, Tear Down and clerks:
Susan and Ray Basham, Anne Owen, Becky Fox Matthews, Kathy Andersen, Kathy Welsh, Mary Calhoun, Lori Emory, Jeff and Jennifer Harvey, Susan Harlan and Susan Sinclair

Out of Town Judges: Kathy Andersen, Kathy Welsh, John Beck and Mary Lou Gripshover.

Local Judges: Becky Fox Matthews, Dick and Sandra Frank and Ann McKinney

Design Judges: Mayron Huddleston and Carole Anne McCormick

There were 14 exhibitors, 250 exhibits including 460 blooms (compared to 2007 which had 20 exhibitors and 462 blooms). This was actually very good for us considering the conditions and the fact that many of our exhibitors from out of town attended the Knoxville show instead.

Blue Ribbons:
Becky Fox Matthews 19
Anne Owen 17
Ray & Susan Basham 16
Kathy Welsh 15
Ann & Amanda McKinney 13
Alice Mathews 7
Mary Calhoun 7
Jeff & Jennifer Harvey 6
Janet Loyd 5
Dick & Sandra Frank 4
Alison McKinney 3
Kathy Andersen 3
Abbie McKinney 2
John Beck 2

Total Blues 119

Gold Ribbon - Best Standard in Show
Becky Fox Matthews - Oregon Pioneer 2W-P

Silver Ribbon - Most Blue Ribbons
Becky Fox Matthews - 19

White Ribbon - Best Vase of Three Standards
Kathy Welsh - Rapture 6 Y-Y

Purple Ribbon - Best Collection of Five Standards - Kathy Welsh - Division 6 Collection - Vineland 6 Y-Y, Winter Waltz 6 W-P, Slip'ry 6 W-W, Rapture 6 Y-Y, Phalarope 6 W-Y

Rose Ribbon - Best Standard Seedling: Kathy Welsh - C06-1 Bryanston OP 2 Y-Y

Youth Best Bloom - Alison McKinney - Fly Half 2 Y-R

Youth Set of Three - Abbie McKinney -
Acapulco 8 Y-O

Small Grower Ribbon - Ray and Susan Basham - Rapture 6 Y-Y

Intermediate Ribbon - Becky Fox Matthews - Skilliwidden 2 Y-Y

Historic Ribbon - Nancy Keen Palmer - Coverack Perfection (1930) 2 W-YYO (from her Historic Collection entry)

Historic Vase of Three - Anne Owen -
Beryl 6 W-YYO

Historic Collection - Becky Fox Matthews -
White Owl (1908) 12 W-W, Croesus (1912) 2 Y-YYO,
Inglescombe (1912) 4 Y-Y, Laurens Koster (1906) 8 W-Y,
Thalia (1916) 5 W-W

Mini Gold Ribbon - Best Miniature in Show -
Kathy Andersen - N. cyclamineus 13 Y-Y

Mini White Ribbon - Best Vase of Three Miniatures - Mary Calhoun - Minnow 8 W-Y

Lavender Ribbon - Best Miniature Collection -
Kathy Welsh - N. Henriquesii 13 Y-Y, Sprite 1 W-W,
Mite 6 Y-Y, N. cyclamineus 13 Y-Y, Snipe 6 W-W

Aqua Ribbon - Best Collection of 9 Miniatures from at least 3 divisions - Kathy Andersen -
Elka 1 W-W, Tete a Tete 12 Y-Y, N. scaberulus 13 Y-Y,
N. cyclamineus 13 Y-Y, N. Triandrus Concolor 13 Y-Y,
N. jacetanius vasconicus 13 Y-Y, N. jacetanus 13 Y-Y,
Midget 1 Y-Y, N. hedraeanthus luteolentis 13 W-W

Watrous Ribbon - Best Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least 3 divisions - Kathy Welsh - Midget 1 Y-Y, Stocken 7 Y-Y, Yellow Fever 7 Y-Y, N. cyclamineus 13 Y-Y, Sprite 1 W-W, Snipe 6 W-W, N. jacetanius henriquesii 13 Y-Y, Gipsy Queen 1 YYW-WWY, Minnow 8 W-Y, Bird Flight 6 Y-Y, Mite 6 Y-Y, Little Gem 1 Y-Y

Red-White-Blue Ribbon - Best Collection of Five Standards of American Breeding - Kathy Welsh - C06-1 Bryanston OP 2 Y-Y, Pops Legacy 1 W-Y, Winter Waltz 6 W-P, Rapture 6 Y-Y, Bald Eagle 2 W-W

Maroon Ribbon - Best Collection of Five Reverse Bicolors - Becky Fox Matthews -
Lavalier 5 YYW-W, Boutique 1 YYW-WWY, Intrigue 7 Y-W, Daydream 2 Y-W, Junne Johnstud 2Y-WWY

Bozievich Award - Best Collection of 12 Standards from at least four divisions - Ann McKinney - Sweetness 7 Y-Y, Intrigue 7 Y-W, Lemon Sprite 7 YYW-W, Quail 7 Y-Y, Menehay
11a Y-O, Cool Evening 11a W-P, Pure Joy 2 W-Y, Lenz 1 W-Y, Cairntoul 3 W-YYO, Homestead 2 W-W, Golden Sheen 2 Y-Y, Fly Half 2 Y-R

Throckmorton Award - Best Collection of 15 Standards, all of different RHS Color Codes - Kathy Welsh -
Pops Legacy 1 W-Y, Pink Silk 1 W-P, Gold Velvet 1 Y-Y, Chickadee
6 Y-O, Toto 12 W-W, Perimeter 3 Y-YYO, Pink Glacier 11a W-P, Phalarope 6 W-Y, Winter Waltz 6 W-P, Glenfarclas 2 Y-O, Geometrics
2 W-Y, Itzim 6 Y-R, Miss Primm 2 Y-Y, Protocol 6 W-W, Loophole
2 W-W

Quinn - Best Collection of 24 Standards, from at least 5 Divisions - Sandra Frank - Reade Seedling 8/4/79, 2Y-O, Ruth Haller 5 Y-Y, Frosted Pink 2 W-PPW, Pacific Rim 2 Y-YYR,
Dailmanach 2 W-P, Quail 7 Y-Y, Kilmood 2 Y-R,
Trogon 2 Y-R, Duncan Seedling D1714 3 W-GYR,
Fly Half 2 Y-R, Columbus 2 W-W, Alston 2 W-P,
Innisbeg 2W-GWW, Purbeck 3W-YOO,
Reade Seedling 6/38/79 2Y-YOO, Lara 2W-O,
Gold Coin 2 Y-Y, Ethereal Beauty 2W-WWP,
Cairngorm @YYW-WYY, Aslan 4Y-Y, Chief Inspector 1 W-Y, Spring Sensation 4W-P, Golden Sheen 2Y-Y,
Matador 8Y-GOO

MTDS Awards
Best in Section A - Dick and Sandra Frank -
Purbeck 3W-YOO

Most Blue Ribbons in Youth Section-
Alison McKinney - 3

Best Standard in Garden Club Section -
Anne Owen - Red Hill 2W-R

Best Miniature in Garden Club Section -
Susan Basham - Minnow 8 W-Y

Sam Winters Award - Best Pink Collection -
Becky Fox Matthews - Berceuse 2W-P, Songket 2W-GWP,
Penkivel 2W-P, Lilac Delight 2W-P, Pink Silk 1 W-P

McKinney Family Award - Parent-Child Duo - Ann and Amanda McKinney - Parent: Daydream 2Y-W,
Child: Lemon Sprite 7YYW-W


Thank you to Jeff and Jennifer Harvey and Cayce Joyce for the great photos! We are hoping to have an even bigger and better exhibit next year. I think it really added nicely to the show.

Thank you to the 7 design exhibitors who created a total of 11 entries. Everyone did a wonderful job and the arrangements added immensely to the overall beauty of our show.

Section 1 - Traditional Line or Line Mass Design
4 entries, Blue Ribbon - Anne Owen

Section 2 - Traditional Mass Design
2 entires, Blue Ribbon - Diane Hussey

Section 3 - Oriental Design
3 entires, Blue Ribbon - Jeff Harvey

Section 4 - Small Design
3 entries, Blue Ribbon - Jeff Harvey

Anne Owen won best in show - congratulations!

A special thank you to Jeff and Jennifer Harvey for their very informative design demonstration at our March meeting! If you missed it, you missed a treat…they made it look SOOOO easy.



The following members' memberships have now expired, please pay dues as soon as possible: If you have questions regarding membership, please contact Anne Owen at or 794-0138. Dues are $10.00 for an individual, $15.00 for a family. Please mail to MTDS: Anne Owen 1203 Natchez Road Franklin, TN 37069.

Leann Barron Sharon Eddy Alice Mathews
Joy Biola Sandy Eichenberger Shelley Page
Pam Braun Lori Emery Andrea Peake
Donna Brooks Patsy Ferguson Jean Rowlett
Anne Cain Dick and Sandra Frank Laura Smith
Lynne Casey Pattie Garris Justin Stelter
Joy Coe Sheila Elaine Graham Jean Thompson
Karen Cox Bev Hanselman Rosemary Wade
Kathy Crownover Lisa Howell
Karen Daskawicz
Marise Keathley
Robert and Patti Waller
Tommy and Patrice Winters

It is with great pleasure that I announce the new Vice President of the Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society…Susan Basham! Susan and her husband Ray are wonderful members of the society who are instrumental in getting the annual show set up and torn down very efficiently. Also, Susan has won the Best Small Grower award for the past four years!

MTDS Officers: 2008 - 2009
President: Ann McKinney
Vice President: Susan Basham
Treasurer: Ann McKinney
Membership Chairman: Anne Owen

ADS Officers who are members of MTDS
2nd Vice President: Becky Fox Matthews
Southeast Regional Director: Ann McKinney
ADS Legal Counsel: Dick Frank