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MTDS News April 2007 

Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society

Established April 5, 1958


MTDS Officers: 2006-2007                                              ADS Officers who are members of MTDS:

President: Ann McKinney                                              Southeast Regional Director: Becky Matthews

Vice President: Amanda McKinney                            Youth Committee Chairman: Becky Matthews

Treasurer: Ann McKinney                                              ADS Legal Counsel: Dick Frank

Membership Chairman: Anne Owen                         



From the President:

We had a terrific 2006-07! We welcomed 10 new members, who not only paid dues, but attended our spring meeting, helped with the show and exhibited! Please spread the word that we are a great deal…low dues, few meetings, 3 or 4 newsletters a year, a local show with great awards and lots to learn and free bulbs to new members each fall!


                           Thank you for your continued support and interest in daffodils,


                                                                           Ann McKinney

                                                                           MTDS President



We had a very successful spring meeting on March 11, 2007 at the home of Susan and Ray Basham.  We had several first-timers: Jennifer and Jeff Harvey, Joy Biola, Kathy Crownover and Sandi Eichenberger. Thank you to the Bashams and to everyone who came!



MTDS is thrilled to welcome the following new members:

Joy Biola                                   Donna Brooks                       Lynne Casey

Kathy Crownover                   Sandi Eichenberger              Jeff and Jennifer Harvey

Laua Smith                               Patti and Robert Waller



The expiration of your membership dues are indicated on your mailing label. Please mail dues, $10.00 for an individual, $15.00 for a family to MTDS: Anne Owen 1203 Natchez Road Franklin, TN 37069. For information or questions, please contact Anne at or 794-0138. Please pay your dues so that you are not dropped from our mailing list! Also, please let us know if there is any change in your mailing or email address so that we can contact you with society news and happenings.


Thank you so much to our many volunteers who helped make the show a great success.


Pam Braun, Mary Calhoun, Susan Basham, Ray Basham, Becky Matthews, Kathy Welsh and Marise Keathley


Pam Braun, Mary Calhoun, Susan Basham, Ray Basham, Becky Matthews, Marise Keathley, Nancy Keen Palmer, Chris Catanzaro, Benny Amos, Jeff Harvey and Jennifer Harvey


Benny Amos, Chris Catanzaro, Sandi Eichenberger, Kathy Crownover, Pam Braun, Jeff Harvey, Jennifer Harvey, Joy Biola and Patti Waller

Horticulture Judges

Amanda McKinney, Sandra Frank, Kathy Welsh, Bonnie Campbell, Patrice Winters, Beverly Barbour, Dick Frank and Becky Matthews

Design Judges

Pam Braun, Kathy Crownover and Sandi Eichenberger



The members of MTDS would like to extend a special thank you to Dick and Sandra Frank for donating 7 lovely pieces of silver that were awarded at this year’s show. They added a lot to the excitement and the winners are very grateful!

Best in Show – large silver tray – Kathy Welsh

Most Blue Ribbons – silver bowl – Susan and Ray Basham

Best Vase of Three – small round tray – Becky Fox Matthews

Best Miniature – small round tray – Susan and Ray Basham

Small Grower Best Bloom – silver frame – Susan and Ray Basham

Best Collection – oval silver tray - Becky Fox Matthews

Best Poeticus – scalloped silver bowl – Ann McKinney














The 47th annual show as held at Cheekwood on March 31st and April 1st. Despite very difficult weather conditions, there were 277 exhibits by 20 exhibitors with 462 blooms. Additionally, there were 16 fabulous design entries by 10 exhibitors. A total of 110 blue ribbons were awarded.


Horticulture Exhibitors                       Blue Ribbons Design Exhibitors

Susan and Ray Basham                                                21                    Jennifer Harvey

Ann and Amanda McKinney                          16                    Jeff Harvey

Kathy Welsh                                                      13                    Denise Hussey

Becky Fox Matthews                                         13                    Benny Amos

Patrice Winters                                                   6                    Kathy Crownover

Bonnie Campbell                                                 6                    Donna Welke

Beverly Barbour                                                             6                    Florence Ann Ketelsen

Sandra and Dick Frank                                                 6                    Pat Darling Bowling

Alice Mathews                                                    5                    Sandi Eichenberger

Amelia Winters                                                  5                    Pam Braun

Benny Amos                                                       3

Alison McKinney                                               2

Mary Calhoun                                                    2

Nancy Keen Palmer                                           2

Janet Loyd                                                          1

Pam Braun                                                         1

Abbie McKinney                                                1

Abby Winters                                                     1

Jennifer Harvey                                                  

Anna Coleman                                                    


MTDS Award Winners

Best in Show:     Kathy Welsh   - Magic Lantern 1 Y-O

Best in Section A: (Single Stems) Alice Mathews – American Classic 2Y-WYY

Best in Small Grower Section: Susan and Ray Basham – Ringhaddy 3W-GYO

Best Miniature: Becky Fox Matthews – Xit 3W-W

Best Intermediate(Pat Bates Memorial Award): Kathy Welsh – Scarlet Tanager 2Y-R

Best Intermediate Collection (Alice Wray Taylor Award):  Kathy Welsh –

Scarlet Tanager 2Y-R, Sulph 2 Y-Y, Forge Mill 2Y-GOO, Equation 11a Y-O,

Skilliwidden 2Y-Y

Best Historic Collection (Kitty Frank Memorial): Becky Fox Matthews –

   Gulliver - 1927- 3Y-YYO, Mary Copeland – 1913 – 4W-O,

Cantabile – 1932 0 9W-GYR, Laurens Koster – 1906 – 8W-Y,

Cheerfulness – 1937 – 4Y-Y

Best Youth Standard: Alison McKinney – Highfield Beauty 8Y-YYO

Best Youth Miniature: Amelia Winters – Pipit 7YYW-W

Most Blue Ribbons, Youth Section: Amelia Winters – 5

Best Single Stem Garden Club Section: Mary Calhoun-Town & Country G.C.

   Elizabeth Ann 6 W-GWP

Best Single Stem Master Gardener Section: Mary Calhoun – Lebanon M.G.

   Elizabeth Ann 6W-GWP

Pink Collection (Sam Winters Memorial Award): Becky Fox Matthews

   Havens VH 20/12 a 2W-P, Jeanine 2W-P, Twin Towers 2W-P, Kaydee 6W-P

   Woods Pink 2W-GWP

Red/Orange Cup (Amanda Spackman Gehret Memorial Award): Kathy Welsh

   Falstaff 2Y-O, Loch More 2Y-R, Aintree 3W-O, Hot Gossip 2Y-O, Glenfarclas 1 Y-O

Novice Collection (Mrs. Robert Cartwright Award): Susan and Ray Basham

Division 1 Collection – Pink Swan 1W-P, Goldfinger 1Y-Y, Ah Hee 1Y-Y, Bravoure 1W-Y, Arctic Gold 1Y-Y

Parent-Child Duo (McKinney Family Award): Ann and Amanda McKinney

Parent: Matador 8Y-GOO, Child: Castanets 8Y-O



Best In Show: Jennifer Harvey – Traditional Mass Design


Division 1 – Traditional Mass               Division 2 – Oriental Design

1st – Jennifer Harvey                             1st – Kathy Crownover

2nd – Jeff Harvey                                                2nd – Jeff Harvey

3rd – Denise Hussey                               3rd – Jennifer Harvey


Division 3 – Line Mass                          Division 4 – Small Design

1st – Jennifer Harvey                             1st – Sandi Eichenberger

2ndFlorence Ann Ketelsen                 2nd – Pam Braun

3rd – Jeff Harvey                                                3rd – Jeff Harvey



Just to give you a feel for the effects of the spring weather, I dug out the show reports for the last 5 years to compare the number of blooms and exhibits. I’m sure the loss of Sam Winters also had a big impact on the number of exhibits and blooms this year:

March 30-31, 2007        Exhibits: 277   Blooms: 462    Exhibitors: 20

April 1-2, 2006              Exhibits: 352   Blooms: 583    Exhibitors: 24

April 2-3, 2005              Exhibits: 263   Blooms: 401    Exhibitors: 20

April 3-4, 2004              Exhibits: 626   Blooms: 938    Exhibitors: 18

April 5-6, 2003              Exhibits: 337   Blooms: 421    Exhibitors: 20

Average:                                    Exhibits: 377   Blooms: 468    Exhibitors: 20



February 1, 2007April 1, 2007                                 

Beginning Balance:       $3,464.40                               

Income:                                                              Expenses:

   Dues:                           $    215.00                               Newsletter:                 $  47.53

   Awards:                      $      40.00                               TN Fed Garden Club $  34.84

                                                                                       Show Expenses:         $ 553.43

Total Income                 $    255.00                   Total Expenses:                      $  635.80

Ending Balance:                        $3,083.60        Checking Balance: $584.02  CD Balance: $2,500.00

IN MEMORIUM – Sam Winters

MTDS members mourn the loss of one of our longest standing and active members, Sam Winters. Sam passed away February 15, 2007. Sam was a member of MTDS for more than 30 years. At the time of his death, Sam had been the longest standing member of ADS. Sam entered numerous blooms each year in the annual show. Additionally, Sam brought hundreds of his spectacular blooms that he shared with designers and visitors to Cheekwood.  Sam loved working in his beds. He would spend the day in his garden with a wooden chair and his charts carefully cutting his best blooms. He stored them in refrigerators for which he had a remote thermostat display that he could monitor and misted his blooms frequently to keep them fresh for the show.


Sam loved all daffodils, but was particularly fond of pink daffodils, as the MTDS an award for the best pink collection in his memory. In the past few years, Sam had concentrated on his miniature collection, although he was also a big fan of tazettas and poets as well. Sam loved sharing his daffodils as much as he did growing and entering them into shows.


In the past ten years, Sam won the silver ribbon 4 times. He was always quick to offer a helping hand with both set-up and take-down. Sam conducted many lectures about daffodils to local garden clubs in the Clarksville area.  He encouraged fellow exhibitors; particularly nurturing his daughter-in-law Patrice and her daughters, Amelia and Abby. Patrice is an accredited judge. Amelia and Abby have both won Youth Best Bloom awards. Sam has three great legacies to carry on his tradition in daffodils and the MTDS. Sam was a past MTDS president and a past ADS Southeast Regional Vice President.


Sam was born in Clarksville, TN February 9, 1926. He was in public education for 38 years, first as a teacher and then as the principal of a number of Montgomery County Elementary Schools. After retiring as principal of East Montgomery School, he worked as a supervisor of student teachers at Austin Peay State University. Sam was a veteran of the Army Air Corps and served during World War II. Sam and his wife, Mary Jo, were married in 1947. They had 14 children together. Sam is survived by 13 of his children, 38 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.


We will all miss Sam greatly.




    OCTOBER 21, 2007                          FALL MEETING AT ANN MCKINNEY’S


    MARCH 28-30, 2008                        MIDDLE TENNESSEE DAFFODIL SHOW

    April  2008                                          ADS CONVENTION – RICHMOND, VIRGINIA   


v     Don’t remove, fold or cut foliage or stop watering daffodils until the foliage begins to die back (turn yellow) (early May)

v     Once foliage begins to die back it can be removed

v     If digging, wait until foliage begins to die so that bulbs get all nutrients necessary for next year’s blooms

v     After digging bulbs, check each bulb for virus, disease or insect damage. Throw away any soft or damaged bulbs

v     Keep bulbs dry throughout summer – hang in cool, dry place in mesh bags until time to plant (mid October to early November)

v     Don’t water daffodils in summer

v     Overplant daffodils with marigolds – this helps fight disease and requires little watering

v     Water daffodils again when weather cools off (October)

v     Fertilize with low nitrogen fertilizer in fall

v     Remember if you dig, update planting charts