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The Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society was organized on April 5, 1958. This was four years after the American Daffodil Society was organized on April 9, 1954 in Washington, D.C. Louise Linton Hardison, along with Mary Cartwright,  attended the 1957 ADS convention in Ohio, which inspired her to organize the MTDS. Louise Linton Hardison was the first MTDS president. Other founding members included Mary Cartwright, Margaret Cosner, Dan Eadie, Sam Caldwell and Clarence Connell.


The Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society would like to gratefully acknowledge the past growers and former members of our society who were instrumental in the growth and perseverance of the society. Those individuals, who over the years, encouraged many of the current members to fall in love with showing and growing daffodils. Members to whom we owe our gratitude include Dick Frank, Louise Linton Hardison, Clarence Connell, Dan Eadie, Sam Caldwell, Pat Lee, Alice Wray Taylor, Kitty Frank, Billy Hobby, Pat Bates, Martha Gaines, Becky Talbot, Sue Thomas, Edna Metcalfe, Dot Allen and Arlene Ziegler.


Presidents of MTDS

1958 - 1960     Louise Linton Hardison

1966 – 1970    Mary Cartwright  

1970 1972    Sally Stanford                 

1976 – 1978    Kitty Frank                              

1978 – 1980    Ted Snazelle                            

1980 – 1982    Becky Talbot                           

1982 – 1984    Betty McEachern                     

1984                Mary Lou Gripshover              

1984 – 1986    Dick Frank                              

1986 - 1988     Alice Wray Taylor                   

1988 - 1990     Sue Zapp                               

1990 - 1992     Sam Winters

1992 - 1994     Mary Cartwright

1994 - 1996     Mary Cartwright

1996 - 1998     Sam Winters

1998 - 2000     Dick Frank

2000 - 2002     Patrice Winters

2002 - 2004     Ann McKinney

2004 - 2006     Becky Fox Matthews

2006 - 2008     Ann McKinney

2009 - 2011     Anne Owen & Susan Basham

2011 - 2015     Jeff and Jennifer Harvey

2016 - 2019     Suzanne Shambaugh


MTDS members who are past American Daffodil Society Silver Medal Winners.
The Silver Medal is given for exceptional service to the American Daffodil Society.

1981 - Louise Hardison - a founder and the first president of MTDS. She was ADS membership chairman from 1958-1961. She was a superb exhibitor and instructor. Her daffodils now bloom in the Louise Hardison Garden at Cheekwood.

1991 - Kitty Frank - a past editor of The Daffodil Journal from 1986-1994. She was president of MTDS from 1976-1978 and was co-chairman of the 1993 ADS convention held in Nashville. Kitty was an outstanding judge, exhibitor and coordinated the Louise Hardison Garden at Cheekwood.

1999 - Dick Frank - a leading member of the MTDS for many years, exhibiting, judging and worked as a judging instructor to add new judges to the Nashville area. Dick was president of MTDS from 1984-1986 and again from 1998-2000. He was co-chairman of the ADS convention in Nashville in 1993. He was the ADS Legal Counsel for more than 30 years and then the ADS Legal Counsel Emeritus.


Monumental moments involving the MTDS in American Daffodil Society history:

1958 - Founding of the MTDS, with 112 members

1958 - First MTDS show

judged by George Lee, second ADS president

10 Quinn entries


1962 - First ADS Convention held in Nashville

attended by 200 people

the first Judging School III was offered


1969 - Second ADS Convention held in Nashville

          First Quinn Gold Medal awarded to Harry Tuggle


1982 - Third ADS Convention held in Nashville

          Throckmorton Ribbon awarded for the first time


1993 - Fourth ADS Convention held in Nashville

          Miniature Bronze Award offered for the first time


In 2005, MTDS added two new sections to our annual show to encourage participation by members of the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and Master Gardeners. These sections have awards for best standard and best miniature entries.A design section was also added in 2005 to add beauty and interest to the show. There were four different classes offered in the design section.


In 2008, MTDS added a photography exhibit for the added enjoyment of our show patrons. There were four classes in the section to include: Daffodils in Nature or in the Landscape, Portraits of Daffodils, Daffodils and People and Animals, and Abstract or Special Effects Celebrating Daffodils.  


2008 - ADS Fall Board Meeting and Miniatures Symposium held in Nashville


2012 - ADS Fall Board Meeting and Symposium "The Future of Daffodils" held in Nashville


2018 - Fifth ADS National Convention and Show was held in Nashville - "Music City"



MIDDLE TENNESSEE DAFFODIL SOCIETY                              

President                                            Suzanne Shambaugh

Vice President                                     Susan Basham

Treasurer/Membership Chair              Carol Smith

Website/Newsletter Editor                   Becky Fox Matthews

Show and Judges Chair                      Becky Fox Matthews

Staging Co-Chairs                               Susan and Ray Basham

Photography Chair                               Anne Owen

Artistic Design Chair                            open

Clerks Chair                                        Andrew Buhler, Jr.



Molly Adams - Regional Director

Bonnie Campbell - Regional Director

Becky Fox Matthews - Media Chairman